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Musical Projects

Youngstown, OH | Guitar, bass, vocals

NB was a "progressive punk" band, known for mixing punk rock, prog, dub, jazz, and more, and for our tendency toward improvisation and radical re-creation of existing material. Other members were Dan Frankland (bass, guitar), Brandon Mace (drums, percussion), and our departed vocalist Karl Steffey. In the fine tradition of Fugazi and Lungfish, Northern Beaches went on indefinite hiatus in 2014.

Northern Beaches music is available at the ZVShistory Bandcamp page.


September 28, 2012: Youngstown, Ohio (Digital, Bastion, 2013).

Appendices (Digital, Bastion, 2013).

Music for Dying in Bars (LP/digital, Bastion, 2013).
Favorable, The Big Takeover no. 73

Civil Floor Disobedience/Shorthand (7", Bastion, 2012).
5/5, Sleepless no. 2

Song of the Coelacanth (CD/digital, Bastion, 2011).

RAM'S HEAD (2003-2008)
Warren, OH


Ram's Head was the solo electronic/avant-pop project of my best friend, Christopher "Karl" Steffey, who died in 2011 at age 26. He produced music under this name for five years and provided me with the masters of all of his work as he completed it. Since his passing, I have been overseeing the release of this material.

Ram's Head music is available at the Ram's Head Bandcamp page.


Last of the Lost (LP/digital, Bastion, 2013).
End of year staff pick, Gotta Groove Records

ZACHARY V. SUNDERMAN (1983-present)
New York, NY | Guitar, etc.


Under my name, I do music inspired by modal jazz, free jazz, avant-garde music, punk, dub, and musics from Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.

My music is available at my Bandcamp page.


Beneath One's Earth (w/Jason Nicolaus and Adam Sullivan) (CS/digital, Bastion, TBA).


MISSING IMAGE (1994-1997). Warren, OH; guitar, vocals. Punk rock. Released a cassette demo and appeared on three compilations.
INCITE (1998). Warren, OH; guitar (earlier lineup), drums (final lineup). Heavy hardcore. Released two cassette demos.
DIRECTION (1998-2000). Warren, OH/Boston, MA; vocals. Fast and (later) melodic hardcore/Krishnacore. Released a cassette demo and appeared on two compilations.
PROOF POSITIVE (1999). Youngstown, OH; guitar. Heavy hardcore. Released some cassette demos.
SOUL CRIES (2000-2004). Youngstown, OH; vocals (most lineups), guitar (earlier lineups). Melodic, progressive hardcore. Released a cassette demo and CD-R demo.
RUN DEVIL RUN (2001-2002). Cleveland, OH; guitar. Krishnacore. Released two albums before I joined.
INNER REVOLUTION (2001-2003). Youngstown, OH; vocals. Positive hardcore. Released a cassette demo and appeared on a compilation.
LAWS (2001-2013). Youngstown, OH; drums. Joke hardcore band. Released one cassette demo, one CD-R demo, and a CD-R retrospective. I met my wife at a LAWS show.
JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS (2003-2005, 2008). Youngstown, OH; guitar. Dark punk/metal.
ORANGE ALERT (2003). Youngstown, OH; drums. Skatepunk. Released one CD-R demo.
FREE MINDS ASSOCIATION (2005). Youngstown, OH; guitar, vocals. Heavy hardcore/metal.
86IN1 (2005-2008). Warren, OH; guitar, bass. Noise rock/joke band.
SILVER LININGS (2006). Warren, OH; guitar, vocals. Experimental post-punk/noise-rock/indie rock.
SEWERCIDE (2006). Youngstown, OH; drums. Hardcore. No recordings.
TIL HEIÐURS UM (2007-2009). Warren, OH; guitar, bass, drums, vocals, production. Solo project crossing experimental punk with avant-garde and dub techniques.
WORLD LINE (2006-2009). Warren, OH; guitar, bass. Melodic punk; the precursor to Northern Beaches.

Full discography here.

Much of my music from this period is available at the ZVShistory Bandcamp page.


RED SUN - Werewolves on Mars (CD/digital, Bastion, 2010). Engineering, mixing, mastering.
RED SUN - Demo (2003). Engineering, mixing.
SHELTER - Eternal (LP/CD, Good Life, 2006). Songwriting.


2012, Dec. 13: Northern Beaches profiled in The Tribune Chronicle, Warren, OH.
2012, Sep. 27: Northern Beaches profiled in The Vindicator, Youngstown, OH.

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